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The Aqua-Bridge is a crystal clear tubular structure with 4" openings at both ends.  The ends are submersed; one end in each aquarium, and the structure is filled with water.  Fish are able to swim through the length of the tube back and forth and into each aquarium. 

You can even set up an Aqua-Bridge in a single aquarium.  No modifications to your aquarium is required, other than perhaps its  hood.

You can connect an unlimited number of aquariums with Aqua-Bridges.

After the fish become used to it, they will use it regularly, and even hide in it.  It does take some fish time to realize that they can swim above the aquarium water line and into the Aqua-Bridge.  Other fish find it immediately and use it to hide in.

The Aqua-Bridge acts as a siphon, so you can setup a sump system that drains water from one tank, and pumps water into the other tank, thereby filtering two tanks at once.  Water between the aquariums will always maintain the same water level.

"I have an Aqua-Bridge set up between two of my marine aquariums.  It's awesome.  The Tangs took to it immediately.  They regularly rip through the Aqua-Bridge from one tank to another tank just like they are swimming between two rocks.  I even had an Anemone with it's Clown fish slowly move from one tank to another.  Wish I took a picture of that."


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